Frequent Asked Questions

1What is the pay off line for the brand?
2What is the brand’s main ingredient that has properties to STRENGTHEN the hair?
Avocado Oil
3What is the Relaxer system of the brand and what is it called?
It is the No Lye Relaxer system, and it is called Pro-Strengthening No Lye Relaxer with Avocado Oil.
4When is the best time to use a combination of products within a range?
Fortnightly usage of Perfect Choice Cholesterol Treatment and daily moisturisers will help, with both Mechanical and/or Chemical stress. Also spray on a fine misting of Perfect Choice Oil Sheen Spray for a lustrous style.
5Why does my scalp burn so much whilst relaxing?
Try not applying directly to the scalp, it will obviously touch later but will give you sufficient time to relax. Try a reputable professional hairdresser and if all fails then switch to a Pro-Strengthening No Lye Relaxer system
6My scalp seems to be excessively itchy, flakey and dry since the cold spell?
Start by switching to the CHOLESTEROL TREATMENT. This must be used weekly after shampooing, by concentrating on both hair and scalp. PERFECT CHOICE oil moisturizer can now be used three times a week to sort out winter’s drying out problem. Do not forget to drink plenty of water daily.
7The ends of my hair is gradually degenerating and discoloring. Why is this?
Ask your stylist to confine the PERFECT CHOICE relaxer only to the new growth and not to overlap onto previously relaxed hair. Overlapping causes thinned out ends.
8How can I get my natural hair to shine as much as my weave?
Spray on a fine misting of PERFECT CHOICE OIL SHEEN onto your hair and it will equalize the luster.
9My husband shaves his scalp but he now has dry unsightly patches on the scalp.
Lend him a dollop of your PEFRECT CHOICE OIL MOISTURISER to massage onto. Then get him to invest in a bottle. This is an instant solution.
10My hairstyles never last, after the slightest breeze there is nothing left of it? What can I use?
After using your PERFECT CHOICE OILSHEEN, then finely mist on PERFECT CHOICE SPRITZ. It will also preserve your style after the gym.
11Is it true that folic acid pills will strengthen my hair?
In conjunction with regular Cholesterol treats you ill see a difference. Consult with your doctor first before consuming any tablets
126. What makes the Perfect Choice Oil Sheen Spray so easy to absorb onto hair and imparts shine?
It formulated with Silicone & a fresh Strawberry smell for everyday use, without “oily” build up, can be used daily.