Competition Terms and Conditions

Perfect Choice: WIN your share of R25 000 in airtime Vouchers Promotion.


By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:

  1. Who may enter

You must be at least 18 years of age, and a valid till slip. Only entries with a valid barcode number will be considered

  1. Who may not enter

Directors, members, partners, employees, agents, contractors and consultants of the Promoter (Amka Products) and any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter, as well as any person who supplies goods or services in connection with the competition, and all of the aforementioned persons immediate families and life partners may not enter the competition and shall not be eligible to be awarded any prizes in the competition.

  1. Competition period

The competition for Perfect Choice WIN a share of R25 000 in Airtime starts on the 26 April 2021 and closes at midnight on 7 June 2021, however to the fullest extent permitted by the law, the duration of the competition may be extended or curtailed at the discretion of the Promoter.

  1. How to enter

4.1 Dial *120*0129#

4.2 You will receive a reply confirming your entry into the competition and be given the option to enter again.

4.3. The promoter reserves the right to limit quantity of the promotion and or prizes to any participants and should they deem necessary require the participant to prove their proof of purchase regarding the participating products and codes – that were used to gain entry and or redeem a prize / promotion.

  1. Charges to enter

5.1 Each entry costs of 20c per 20 seconds USSD. There are no further charges for participating in the competition.

5.2 You may enter as many times per day as you want, but there will be no carryover of entries into the following days draw.

  1. Draws and Prizes for the competition

6.1 Only entries with a valid barcode number will be considered for the draw. 6.2 Daily entries will be automatically entered into a random daily draw to win airtime vouchers, previous entries do not roll over to the next day. The airtime vouchers are won instantly once the consumer has entered a valid barcode

6.2. Participants that enter the competition stand a chance of winning various airtime vouchers.

6.3 The competition and all random draws will be overseen by the Promoters independent auditors

6.4 All entries will go into the draw and there will be winners for the selected vouchers. The winner will get an airtime voucher send electronically. Airtime winnings will be sent across all networks. Winners will also have to comply with any other reasonable validation procedures as may be reasonably required by the Promoter in order to claim the Prize.

  1. Notification of qualifiers and winner

7.1 The Promoter will use its reasonable efforts to contact the winners of airtime electronically.

7.2 If the Promoter is unable to contact a winner after reasonable efforts to do so as set out above, then that person’s right of winning the voucher will be deemed to have been waived, and the Promoter may then randomly draw another winner from the pool of entrants.

7.3 At the end of the competition, the names of the winners will be published on our website and social media Platforms. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that his name will be published as a winner.

7.4 With his/her permission, the image of the winner may also be published on our website and social media platforms.

7.5 Amka products and its agents accept no responsibility for any problems or technical malfunction of any communication network or any late, lost, incomplete, misdirected, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible or corrupted entries. Amka Products and its agents are not liable for any costs incurred, responses received or any other consequences of user error.

  1. General

8.1 Prizes are not transferable, and cannot be deferred or exchanged.

8.2 Delivery of the voucher to the winner will occur on such date and at such place as determined by the Promoter in its discretion. The Promoter is not liable for any costs incurred by a winner in claiming or utilizing the voucher.

8.3All risk in and ownership to the voucher shall pass to the winner on delivery thereof.

8.4 At the end of the competition all of the Promoters obligations in regard to the competition as well as in regard to the vouchers shall terminate.

8.5 In the event of a dispute in regard to any aspect of the competition and/or these terms and conditions, the Promoters decision will be final and binding and no correspondence may be entered into.

8.6 The Promoter is entitled in its entire discretion to reject any entry or participant if it believes there has been any irregular, fraudulent or mala fide conduct by, or on behalf of, such participant, and will not be obliged to notify participants of entries that are rejected.

8.7 The Promoter may refuse to award the voucher if entry procedures or these terms and conditions have not been adhered to or if it detects any irregularities, male fide or fraudulent practices by, or on behalf of, any person claiming the voucher.

8.8 The competition is also subject to, and must be read in conjunction with, the Promoters existing terms and conditions applicable to the use of its products and services.

8.9 If the competition is held to be or becomes unlawful or if the Promoter is required by the Minister of Trade and Industry or the National Consumer Commission to alter any aspect of the competition, then to the full extent permitted by law the Promoter reserves the right to suspend or terminate the competition immediately and without notice, in which event all participants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of the competition and accept that no recourse will lie against The Promoter.

  1. Non-Liability

To the full extent permitted by law:

9.1 The Promoter is not liable for any technical failures affecting participation in the competition. The Promoter, its associated companies, agents, contractors and any of its personnel involved in this competition, assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage, death or injury arising from participation in the competition or from using the prize or for any loss or damage, death or injury howsoever arising.

9.2 The Promoter assumes no liability whatsoever for any entry that has been omitted from participation for any reason whatsoever.

9.3 The Promoter may in its sole discretion amend these terms and conditions at any time, without notice, and such amendment shall be deemed to have taken effect from the date of publication of the revised terms and condition on the Promoter website.

9.4 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate this competition, without notice at any time and no liability shall lie against the Promoter, in favour of any participant or third party arising from such cancellation, suspension or termination